Healthy Diet for Heart

Healthy diet for heart

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Healthy Diet for Heart

Healthy Diet for Heart  : Dr Jagdish Joshi Lifestyle Expert 125

Healthy Diet for Heart
Healthy Diet for Heart

Healthy Diet for Heart – Heart disease has become a common disease in today’s hectic and stressful life. Along with this , due to wrong eating habits, heart disease has become a threat to human society as a serious disease. Young people suddenly leave the world because of heart disease. Due to heart disease, a person also complains of chest pain. The person ignores the chest pain by looking at the gas problem. But it becomes the cause of heart disease.

Heart Disease Symptoms:

Chest tightness
Feeling of heaviness in chest
Tightness and discomfort in the throat, neck, jaw and back.
Feeling of coldness and extreme weakness in the feet.                                                                                            Along with this, other symptoms can appear when there is heart disease.

After all, why does a person become a victim of heart disease?:

Life of a person has become very busy.
The life of a person has become stressful.
Consuming a diet high in fat Not getting
Lack of exercise
Eating a highly acidic diet
Do not consume fruits/vegetables and dry fruits.
Not getting enough deep sleep
Due to genetic reasons.
Along with this, a person becomes a victim of heart disease due to other reasons.

Due to wrong eating habits, the cholesterol level of a person increases. Due to increased cholesterol , the heart has to work excessively. Sometimes the heart does not even get blood to function. Because of this, a person has to undergo an untimely bypass, angioplasty. related problems have to be faced.

If we organize our lifestyle. Incorporate positive foods into your diet. So surely a person can keep the heart safe for the rest of his life.

Healthy Diet for Heart -Heart Healthy Foods:

You will get information about a divine remedy to make the heart healthy and make it healthy throughout life. This is a very accurate and effective remedy. By doing this remedy , all the blockages of your heart are opened within just 3 months . blood becomes thinner.

Uses of Bottle Gourd Juice (Heart Healthy Foods):

Bottle Gourd  is a very easy and cheap vegetable available. The biggest feature of Bottle Gourd is that it cleans the stomach well. Bottle Gourd is cold in nature. Regular use of Bottle Gourd juice brings cholesterol to its proper level. Blood pressure is normal There will be no need for bypass, angioplasty and other heart related therapy. The use of loci juice very effectively dilutes the blood, bringing cholesterol to the proper level. Alkalizes the blood

Healthy Diet for Heart- Ingredients Required for Bottle Gourd  Juice:

Healthy  heart food:
250 grams Bottle Gourd, 20 mint leaves, 15 basil leaves and 5 black pepper powder.

How to make Bottle Gourd Juice (Heart Healthy Foods):

Finely chop the Bottle Gourd and add mint leaves and basil leaves to it. Also add 100 grams of water to it. Now grind it like this. Now filter this juice through a sieve. Add only black pepper powder to this juice.

Consumption method of Bottle Gourd juice (Heart Healthy Foods):

Bottle Gourd juice should be consumed empty stomach in the morning. No food should be taken for 1 hour after its consumption.

Physiological reaction after Bottle Gourd juice:

Some people may have diarrhea after consuming loci juice. It is normal process to have 4-5 diarrhea in such condition. But be careful if you have excessive diarrhea.

Other benefits of consuming Bottle Gourd juice (Heart Problem in Hindi):

Consuming Bottle Gourd   juice is beneficial in high blood pressure, acidity, constipation, loss of appetite, obesity, enlarged stomach, burning of urine, kidney problems, piles, fissures, liver diseases, skin diseases and many other diseases. Because by drinking the juice of loci, our blood becomes alkaline due to the benefit in acidity. Because of this, you get protected from not one but many diseases. Because acidity is the cause of diseases ranging from cold to cancer.

Healthy Diet for Heart- Necessary Precautions in Consuming Bottle Gourd Juice:

Sometimes loci are poisonous too. Because many farmers use excessive insecticide to get its bumper crop. Therefore, whenever you use raw Bottle Gourd cut a small piece of it and taste it. If Bottle Gourd is bitter then never consume it. Because the consumption of bitter Bottle Gourd can be fatal. You are specially requested to use Bottle Gourd only after tasting it.

Required Information :

Before consuming Bottle Gourd juice, it is necessary to get your blood tested. If you are on blood thinning medication, take it only after consulting a doctor. Otherwise your blood will become too thin. In this case, if you get hurt, the flow of blood will not stop. Which can put your life in danger. That’s why a blood test must be done. If you do this experiment regularly, then get your blood tested regularly.

Special Information :

Our aim is to provide you complete scientific information. Because your health is our top priority. Because along with doing every good, we should also be aware of its negative effect.

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