Knee Problem- How to Cure Knee Problem

Knee Problem- How to Cure Knee Problem

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Knee Problem-How to Cure Knee Problem

Knee Problem-How to Cure Knee Problem – Dr.Jagdish Joshi, Lifestyle Expert 125


Knee Problem – In today’s time the problem of knee pain is a common problem. Elderly and elderly youth are also troubled by knee pain. After all, knee pain has become a painful disease.

If care is taken in time, then knee problem does not become serious in future. Along with this, there is no need to replace the knee.

So let’s know about the problem of knee so that we can save our knee from getting worse in time.

Why does knee pain happen? :

The following are the main causes of knee pain:
Lack of calcium in the bones.
Vitamin D deficiency |
Vitamin B-12 deficiency
Muscle weakness
Chronic injury or fracture Being

If your body lacks these elements, you may have knee problems.

What are some common knee problems?-Knee Problem:

Why do knee problems happen? Knee problems are closely related to aging. Even if a person is suffering from arthritis, he has to face knee problem. Sometimes an injury can also lead to knee problems. This causes knee problems.

Common knee problems include the following-Knee Problem:

Sprain in feet The muscles and ligaments of the knee are damaged due to a sprain or strain in the knee. Sometimes this is due to a sudden twist of the knee. This often causes pain, swelling. Because of this they find it difficult to walk.

There is a cushion between the knee joint. When the cushion gets damaged due to any exercise done by us.
Arthritis Osteoarthritis is a common type of arthritis. Because of this the knee is affected. Osteoarthritis badly affects the knee. Because of this, medium age and old age are affected. Osteoarthritis is a problem caused by repeated injuries or being a victim of extreme obesity. Because of this, the cartilage of the knee is destroyed and affects the health of the knee. Rheumatoid arthritis tends to affect a younger person than osteoarthritis.

Cartilage damage is caused by repeated injuries to the knee. Due to obesity, there is more pressure on the cartilage between the knees. Obesity also increases the chances of gout.

How can a knee problem be diagnosed?:

The actual condition of the knee problem can be informed in the following ways:


Through X-ray, you can find out the actual position of the bones and tissues of the knee.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (EMI):

Through this test, a detailed image of the knee parts is made. Through this means, the magnet is transmitted through the radio frequency and the computer.

Computed Tomography Scan (CT or Cat Scan):

X-ray and computer technology is used in this process. This experiment gives a detailed image of different parts of the knee.

Knee problem due to acidity:

If you are a victim of acidity, you may still have knee pain.
If you are a victim of acidity then you should make proper changes in your lifestyle. Along with this, fruits and vegetables should be consumed in sufficient quantity in the diet.

Knee problem due to gas problem:

If you are a victim of gas then you may be a victim of knee pain. Because of the gas, the liquid between the knees dries up. Because of this, wear starts in the bones of the knee. This wear and tear later makes the person a victim of knee pain.

That’s why you should not take gas lightly. Natural remedies should be adopted to get rid of gas problem.

Consuming less amount of water (Knee Problem):

Consuming less amount of water When you consume less water then you become victim of knee pain. Because there is a lack of water in the cartilage between the knees.

Therefore, in 24 hours, consume 10-12 glasses of water in the right way.

Not wearing the right sole shoes:

Wearing shoes on hard surfaces without strong soles. Knee wear can be a problem when you don’t wear good sturdy sole shoes on a cement road.

So whenever you walk on hard surfaces, wear flexible-soled shoes.


Even if you are overweight, you are prone to knee pain. Because when your weight is excessively increased, then there is a lot of pressure on the knee. Because when your weight increases excessively. Whenever you get up from sitting, there is a lot of pressure on your knees eight times your weight.

If you want to be free from knee pain, you need to keep your weight at an appropriate level. If you keep your weight at its proper level, then there is definitely relief in knee pain.

Consumption of excessively sweet foods:

If you consume too much sugar in your diet, then of course your knees can get greasy. Because the consumption of excessive sugar pulls calcium from the body located in the bones. In this way there is constant weakness in the bones. In this way, the person is definitely complaining of knee pain.

Oil to get relief from knee pain:

Put 2-3 garlic cloves in 100 grams of oil. Cook it till it turns brown. Now let the oil cool down and fill it in the bottle. Apply this oil on the painful knee. Tie plastic over it. Now wrap this towel on the knee to make a very light compress with hot water on the knee. Follow this process for 2-3 weeks.

What is the cure for knee pain?:

Mix 10 grams of Nigella Seeds powder in 100 grams of fenugreek powder. Take one teaspoon (10 grams) of it with water one hour after dinner.
Its consumption strengthens the joints. Along with this, use massage with the above oil.

Miracle use of  for Knee Pain – paste and compress on the knee:

4 tsp Aloe Vera gel, 1 tsp turmeric, 1 tsp mustard oil. Now mix it well. Apply it on the knee and 6 inches above the knee and 6 inches below. After applying this paste, apply mustard oil to the leaves of the aakra and then apply it on the tawa and tie it with a thread. In this way, wherever the paste is applied, roast the leaves of the data on the pan and apply it. Take care not to expose the foliage to excessive heat. Apply hot leaves as much as you can tolerate.

What to do to increase knee grease? :

If there is a sound in the knee. If the lubrication of the knee has reduced, then the consumption of walnuts is very beneficial in such a situation.

Walnuts are rich in protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin E, B-6, calcium and minerals.

For this purpose, dissolve 2 walnuts in water every night. Chew it well in the morning and eat it. Its regular consumption lubricates the knee.

Consumption of acacia pod powder:

Take a spoonful of acacia pod powder with water twice a day. It gives relief in knee pain and arthritis pain.

What food causes knee swelling? (Knee Problem):

If your diet includes mono sodium glutamate or MSG or other negative foods, then you will become a victim of knee pain. Because their consumption increases pain and swelling in the knee.

Therefore, you should avoid consuming canned foods, market-made soups, pizza, burgers, cheese, fast food and pre-made and packaged foods. Because their consumption increases the amount of acid in the body. This is the main cause of pain

What food causes swelling in the knee?

Consumption of acidic diet causes swelling in the knee. Therefore, we should consume sufficient amount of alkaline food in our diet.

Does Vitamin B12 help with knee pain? (Knee Problem):

Vitamin B12 is a vitamin that nourishes the nerves and joints in particular. Its consumption provides protection to the nerves of the body. Provides strength to nerves Helps to relieve the pain of chronic injury.

How to make bones strong?:

Your body needs calcium, vitamin D to make bones strong. If you have sufficient amount of them in your body then the bones of your body will not be weak.

What is the Best Medicine for Knee Pain? (Best Medicine for Knee Problem):

According to Ayurveda, there are Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Ashok, Bramhi, Turmeric, Shuddh Guggal and many other medicines for knee pain. But they should be consumed only after consulting an experienced Ayurvedic doctor.

Knee replacement surgery:

Knee pain is a common problem. If the diagnosis of knee pain is not possible, then in such a situation, a knee replacement procedure can be done in consultation with the doctor. Nowadays surgery has become a common procedure. But it should be done only when it is necessary.

Required Information:

The above information is given according to the general health. If you have knee problems, you need to consult your doctor.

The use mentioned in the article is safe. They do no harm to the body. But these experiments have to be adopted according to the nature of our body.




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