Sun Charged Water -Natural Treatment of Cough and Cold

Sun Charged Water -Natural Treatment of Cough and Cold

Sun Charged Water -Natural Treatment of Cough and Cold

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Sun Charged Water -Natural Treatment of Cough and Cold

Sun charged water for cough and cold
Sun charged water for cough and cold

Sun Charged Water -Natural Treatment of Cough and Cold -Dr. Jagdish Joshi, Lifestyle Expert125

Sun Charged Water – Are you always troubled by cold and cough? If you are not troubled by cold and cough , then if your acquaintance is suffering from phlegm disease, then this article is useful for them. If the answer is yes, then yellow colored sunlight is a boon for you. Regular consumption of sun-heated water and improving your diet can help you get rid of cold and cough.

If we have seen God, then it is the Sun in the living form. Life cannot be imagined without the Sun. In foreign countries where it is cold throughout the year. At such places, people celebrate when the sun comes out and take advantage of the sun’s rays.

We Indians are very fortunate who get the benefit of the rays of the sun throughout the year.

As we know that the Sun is the center of energy. When the sun’s rays fall on the skin of our exposed body, then we get vitamin D naturally.

Today we will know about how to get rid of cold-cough, digestive disorders and many disorders through sun-charged water.

There are 7 colors in the sun’s rays. These colors are red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple and sky. But when these colors mix together, the color of the light becomes white. Whereas in reality it is comprised of 7 colors.

Amazing Benefits of Yellow Sun Heated Water:

Yellow colored sun heated water gives easy relief from cold. Its consumption increases the efficiency of our brain. Consumption of yellow-coloured sun-heated water is beneficial in stomach worms and digestion related problems.

The person who works sitting all day long. In whose life there is no place for labor. Such people often become victims of stomach diseases.

The properties of red color are also found in yellow colored sun heated water.

Today we will know about the sun-heated water which gives relief from cold and gives energy to our digestive fire.

The rays of the sun have immense power to fight diseases. The germs make their place in the place where the sun’s rays do not reach. That’s why many people keep the clothes of the house in the sun when the sun comes out after the rain. So that the germs accumulated in them are eliminated.

Benefits in digestive diseases:

According to Atharvaveda, when we receive the light of red colored sun rays on the open body, then there is benefit in heart disease and liver related diseases.

If you are troubled by liver-related diseases, then due to exposure of the body to ultraviolet rays, chemical action starts on the pigment cells of the body. That is why doctors also make the newborn healthy with the help of ultraviolet rays lamp.

How to prepare sun heated water?:

You can easily prepare sun heated water at home. To get water heated with yellow color, fill 80% of the bottle with normal and clean water in a glass bottle. Now keep this bottle on a wooden board for 8-9 hours in strong sunlight.

Water gets charged by the rays of sunlight for 8 continuous hours. Health-enhancing medicinal properties come in such water.

In this way your yellow colored sun heated water is ready. You have to keep this in a glass bottle and on a wooden surface only.

How to prepare incense water? (Sun Charged Water Benefits):

Fill the yellow colored glass bottle up to 80%. Now keep this water bottle on a wooden board for 4-6 hours. Keep in mind that the bottle should be kept under the influence of sunlight. The water gets heated by the sun in 4-6 hours.

Keep in mind that to consume water from this water bottle, again keep it on a wooden board.

How to prepare yellow colored glass bottle:

If you don’t have a yellow bottle. So you wrap the yellow cellophane paper properly on the normal glass bottle. In this way your yellow colored bottle is ready.

Benefits of yellow colored sun heated water (Sun charged water benefits):
Yellow color gives benefit in phlegm-borne diseases. People who always have a complaint of phlegm. Because of this , they become victims of weak digestion . Yellow sun-heated water gives miraculous benefits to such persons.

Along with this, for those who are always suffering from cough and cold, yellow colored sun-heated water gives a lot of benefits.

The correct method of consuming Sun Heated Water (Sun Charged Water):

Yellow colored sun-heated water should never be consumed on an empty stomach. This water should be consumed only after having food.

Required Information :

The above information is given according to the general health. If you are a victim of any particular disease, then you have to consume sunlight as per the advice of your doctor.

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