How to reduce uric acid? 

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How to Reduce Uric Acid?

How to reduce uric acid?  – Dr Jagdish Joshi LifestyleExpert 125

how to control uric acid naturally
how to control uric acid naturally

The problem of uric acid is a common problem in today’s time. A person keeps on taking medicines of different methods throughout his life. But he doesn’t get any rest. Because the person does not remove the root cause of the disease. Because of this, he keeps on taking medicines. But even after taking medicines, his disease does not go away. The person’s condition goes from bad to worse.

So today we will know how to remove uric acid naturally. So that you do not have to take medicines for the rest of your life.

If we eat purine-rich food in our diet, then we are never free from arthritis. Not all purine-rich diets are wrong. But when your body is unable to digest purine-rich food, the undigested food turns into uric acid. This undigested purine makes the body a storehouse of uric acid.

After all, which substances are found in purines? (Uric Acid Food to Avoid):

Purines are found in the following foods. Red meat, sea food, shell fish, chicken, mutton, contain high amounts of purines.

Apart from this, purines are found in cabbage, mushrooms, kidney beans, lentils, green and dried peas, spinach and high fat milk and milk products in vegetarian diet. If uric acid is being formed in excessive amount in your body, then avoid consuming the above diet.

Along with this, avoid the consumption of excessive sugar, coffee and intoxicants (alcohol, coffee, gutkha).

How Much Uric Acid Should Be There? (Uric Acid Level):

A normal level of uric acid is 2.4 to 6.0 mg/dL in women and 3.4 to 7.0 mg/dL in men. The production of uric acid never stops completely. If this is done at the proper level, the kidneys easily rid the blood of uric acid. So uric acid levels should be normal.

What is the normal amount of uric acid? (Uric Acid Level):

If the amount of uric acid in our blood is 6.8 mg/dl, then the uric acid in your body is at the proper level.

What is the identity of Uric Acid? (Uric Acid Symptoms and Cure):

When the amount of uric acid in your body increases, that is, the body becomes a victim of arthritis, then there is pain in the joints. There is pain in getting up, sitting, standing. Along with this, there is a stinging pain in the fingers of the hands and feet. Sometimes this pain becomes unbearable. Sometimes these organs get swollen. Sometimes these parts turn red.

Due to genetic reasons:

Sometimes this disease is also due to genetic reasons. In such a condition, this disease can be controlled by proper improvement in diet and by practicing yoga regularly.

Consume sufficient amount of water :

It is often seen that many people do not consume enough amount of water. For this reason, they are troubled by the increase in uric acid and other digestive problems. Whereas 70% water is found in our body. How can you keep yourself healthy when you do not drink enough water?

A normal person should consume at least 10-12 glasses of water in 24 hours to stay healthy. Along with this, water should be consumed in the right way. Because consuming excessive amount of water and consuming it in the wrong way causes serious harm to your health.

Excessive Weight Gain:

Being excessively overweight makes health a victim of many diseases, not just one. After all, what is the ideal weight? For one inch of height, there should be one kilogram of weight. If your height is 5 feet, then it is 60 inches. The height of a five feet person should be 60 kg or 65 kg or 55 kg. Thus if you have weight then your weight is at proper level.

Due to physical disorders:

Uric acid is produced in the body due to the failure of a particular part of the body to function at full capacity. Therefore, if you are a victim of this disease, necessary medical tests must be done.

Due to diabetes:

If you are a victim of diabetes, then the functioning of various parts of your body gets affected. Because of this also the production of uric acid in the body increases. If you are a victim of diabetes, along with the intake of medicines, proper changes should be made in the diet as well. So that the production of uric acid can be controlled.

Causes of Dysfunction of Thyroid Gland:

Even if you are a victim of thyroid disease, there is every possibility of producing uric acid in the body. In such a situation, in addition to therapy, appropriate changes should be made in the diet to make the thyroid gland healthy. so that the thyroid gland can be healthy

Causes of Cancer:

If a person is suffering from cancer disease. He is undergoing treatment for cancer diagnosis. So as a side effect of the therapy, his body starts producing uric acid.
In such a situation, it is necessary to make appropriate changes in your diet.

Causes of Psoriasis:

If a person is suffering from Psoriasis, then he may also have to face the problem of uric acid.

You can easily reduce the weight by living the right lifestyle.

Control Blood Sugar:

Often due to increased blood sugar , the problem of uric acid in the body can also increase. Therefore, the amount of uric acid can be controlled by making proper changes in your diet.

Include Fiber in the Diet:

It is often seen that the diet of a common man does not include foods rich in fiber . The person does not consume vegetables and fruits at all.

Because of this, a person becomes a victim of many diseases, not just one. Can we keep our house clean without a broom? Otherwise, how can you eliminate uric acid without eating fiber? After all, the root of this problem is not the complete digestion of the diet.

Therefore, eat plenty of seasonal fruits, vegetables, sprouted grains and chapati of fibrous flour in your diet. If you consume them in plenty, then you will definitely include plenty of fiber in your diet. In this way you not only get protected from the problem of uric acid but also from many diseases.

Take enough Vitamin C (How to Cure Uric Acid Permanently):

Get enough vitamin C in your diet. For the supply of Vitamin C, eat Amla, Lemon, Mosambi, Guava and other Vitamin C rich foods.

Often; Sour foods are not eaten because of uric acid in the body. But if sour foods are consumed under the guidance of a doctor, then there is no problem with their consumption. Along with this, uric is not able to accumulate in the body.

Kidneys do the work of removing uric acid from our body. If your kidneys are working well, you should not have a problem with uric acid. Therefore, you can make the kidney healthy by consuming coriander leaves. When the kidney works to its full capacity and you consume the right amount of diet in the right way, then the amount of uric acid in your body will ever increase.

What changes should be made in the diet so that the production of uric acid can be controlled (Uric Acid Treatment):

Use whole grains.
Avoid consumption of processed and packaged food.
Avoid consuming sugary foods in the diet.

Consumption of certain medicines increases the amount of uric acid in the body:

Aspirin diuretics Vitamin B3 (Niacin) Immunity suppressants Cyclosporine and tacrolimus TB control medicines Pyrazinamide medicines to treat
Parkinson ‘s disease Levodopa beta blockers and blood pressure various medicines

If you have problems with uric acid. If you are taking any of these medicines, then after consulting your doctor again, take proper medicine. So that the production of uric acid can be controlled.

Along with this, by making appropriate changes in the diet, regular exercise / yoga and life have to be given activity. So that the digestion of your food can be done completely and the production of uric acid in the body can be stopped.



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